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  • Fort Worth Toenail Removal

Fort Worth Toenail Removal

In our office we always start with a conservative approach but at times toenail removal is necessary. The most common reason we remove toenails is due to an ingrown toenail. Other reasons may be due to a fungal infection that has not responded well to treatment, or if the toenail is extremely thickened and causing pain with walking.

The first step is always a numbing injection. This ensures that the procedure is as painless as possible. We then use a surgical instrument called a bovie to burn through the nail and bed. The next step is to remove any thickened or infected tissue around the nail bed. Finally, we apply a small amount of chemical cauterization to the nail bed to help prevent recurrence of the ingrown toenail / toenail growth.

The entire toenail removal procedure takes about 15-20 minutes. Recovery is fairly quick, and most patients are able to walk out of the office without any assistance. However, we do recommend that patients keep their feet clean and dry for the next few days and avoid strenuous activity until the numbness from the injection wears off.

If you’re having this procedure we ask that you have a driver to and from the appointment. Please let us know if we need to arrange for an Uber or other ride service for your appointment.

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