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This was my first visit with Dr. Banks. He explained my x-rays so that I could understand them and then told me the course of action he would suggest. I felt very comfortable and at ease with him. He did not seem rushed at all and listened to all my concerns. His office staff was wonderful. I will be seeing Dr. Banks again to begin treatment. Needless to say all the reviews I’ve read have been spot on. I feel very fortunate to have found him.

Dr. Banks was very professional, polite and informative. He didn’t rush my visit, which I greatly appreciated. Dr. Banks answered all my questions and took the time to explain the 3-Day orthotic process to me in detail. I am very excited to get them.

Great doctor! Dr. Banks has taken the time to answer all my questions my concerns and explains everything perfectly. Over all very professional, very respectful, and very friendly. Just simply love his professionalism!

I have needed bunion surgery for many years. I met with so many doctors. I have not felt comfortable with any of them until I met Dr. Banks. He is so honest and caring. It has been 3 months since my surgery. I’m doing great. My foot is healing just fine. I’m ready to schedule my next surgery. I am so thankful that I met the right doctor. My experience has been so much better that I ever imagined it would be. Thank you, Dr Banks.

Dr. Banks is very personable and took the time to sit and discuss my lifestyle, hobbies, etc. to better understand how my pain is impacting my life. He then had a look at my feet, thoroughly explained what the cause is, and made treatment recommendations. I also liked that he let me know I may need custom insoles to support my high arches, but first offered a more affordable option to try.

I feel confident in my treatment plan & was impressed that he seemed familiar with the concerns I discussed with my pcp before being referred.

So the night before my appointment I was a nervous wreck thinking I was going to get a big shot in my toe! And have a huge bandages wrapped around my toe and in pain for weeks! I get to my appointment, as soon as I walked in, my fears slowly disappeared! The waiting room was calming with a very short wait! When my name was called those nerves came back but not for long! Doctor Banks has to be the coolest, understanding, and very knowledgeable! He explained our plan of attack! My fears are gone! I highly recommend Doctor Banks and his staff!

Dr. Banks was great. He listened to my history and my concerns and fully explained his plan for my treatment. He answered all of my questions and his office staff was very friendly and organized. I’ve already told two other people about him and given his number to them. My feet feel much better.

Dr. Banks is very professional and extremely skilled. He is easy to work with and I’m thrilled with the results of my surgery. His assistant, Amanda, is terrific. She had to go to a lot of trouble to workout my insurance details, but she succeed. I am so thankful that Dr. Banks scheduled my surgery at the surgery center. The entire experience was very pleasant and I highly recommend Dr. Banks.

I was very happy with Dr. Banks and his office staff. Everyone was so nice in the office, both when making my initial appointment and once I arrived. And Dr. Banks spent plenty of time with me discussing my issue and my previous surgery with another doctor. He took a conservative approach to treatment, which I liked, and has seemed to make a big improvement for me. I would definitely recommend Dr. Banks and would visit him again in the future if I need to.

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