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Bunion Surgeon.

This was my first visit with Dr. Banks. He explained my x-rays so that I could understand them and then told me the course of action he would suggest. I felt very comfortable and at ease with him. He did not seem rushed at all and listened to all my concerns. His office staff was wonderful. I will be seeing Dr. Banks again to begin treatment. Needless to say all the reviews Wargaslot I’ve read have been spot on. I feel very fortunate to have found him.

Dr. Banks was very professional, polite and informative. He didn’t rush my visit, which I greatly appreciated. Dr. Banks answered all my questions and took the time to explain the 3-Day orthotic process to me in detail. I am very excited to get them.

Great doctor! Dr. Banks has taken the time to answer all my questions my concerns and explains everything perfectly. Over all very professional, very respectful, and very friendly. Just simply love his professionalism!

I have needed bunion surgery for many years. I met with so many doctors. I have not felt comfortable with any of them until I met Dr. Banks. He is so honest and caring. It has been 3 months since my surgery. I’m doing great. My foot is healing just fine. I’m ready to schedule my next surgery. I am so thankful that I met the right doctor. My experience has been so much better that I ever imagined it would be. Thank you, Dr Banks.

Dr. Banks is very personable and took the time to sit and discuss my lifestyle, hobbies, etc. to better understand how my pain is impacting my life. He then had a look at my feet, thoroughly explained what the cause is, and made treatment recommendations. I also liked that he let me know I may need custom insoles to support my high arches, but first offered a more affordable option to try.

I feel confident in my treatment plan & was impressed that he seemed familiar with the concerns I discussed with my pcp before being referred.

So the night before my appointment I was a nervous wreck thinking I was going to get a big shot in my toe! And have a huge bandages wrapped around my toe and in pain for weeks! I get to my appointment, as soon as I walked in, my fears slowly disappeared! The waiting room was calming with a very short wait! When my name was called those nerves came back but not for long! Doctor Banks has to be the coolest, understanding, and very knowledgeable! He explained our plan of attack! My fears are gone! I highly recommend Doctor Banks and his staff!

Dr. Banks was great. He listened to my history and my concerns and fully explained his plan for my treatment. He answered all of my questions and his office staff was very friendly and organized. I’ve already told two other people about him and given his number to them. My feet feel much better.

Dr. Banks is very professional and extremely skilled. He is easy to work with and I’m thrilled with the results of my surgery. His assistant, Amanda, is terrific. She had to go to a lot of trouble to workout my insurance details, but she succeed. I am so thankful that Dr. Banks scheduled my surgery at the surgery center. The entire experience was very pleasant and I highly recommend Dr. Banks.

I was very happy with Dr. Banks and his office staff. Everyone was so nice in the office, both when making my initial appointment and once I arrived. And Dr. Banks spent plenty of time with me discussing my issue and my previous surgery with another doctor. He took a conservative approach to treatment, which I liked, and has seemed to make a big improvement for me. I would definitely recommend Dr. Banks and would visit him again in the future if I need to.

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Excellent4.9Bodie StarkBodie Stark ★★★★★ Dr Banks was very attentive to my needs and addressed every concern I expressed. Extremely pleased with his inside and the togel results achieved!!DebiDebi ★★★★★ Dr. Banks was very informative about my foot issues, explained my choices, slot demo, and answered all my questions in an easy to understand yet professional manner.His front office and medical assistant were very kind and personable.Highly recommended!Deborah SullinsDeborah Sullins ★★★★★ Dr.Banks and his staff are excellent , knowledgeable, supportive and very professional. I highly recommend them for anyone with future medical needs .Tiana RabezTiana Rabez ★★★★★ We love dr. Banks! He is very gentle and kind.A EstelleA Estelle ★★★★★ Dr. Banks is awesome. He explains everything thoroughly listens to your concerns and tries to find a solution for them. He is a really caring Doctor is staff is awesome. I would recommend my family and friends to go see him.Brenda RodriguezBrenda Rodriguez ★★★★★ Super professional, very kind & helpful. will answer all questions and concerns & can tell that he loves what he does! Very honest as well.Susie HoodSusie Hood ★★★★★ Very pleasant experience with Dr. Banks and staff. Timely, professional, courteous, and helpful. Would recommend Dr. Banks to anyone with out hesitation.Joe BeandipJoe Beandip ★★★★★ did just what i thought he should do great Dr. Now if they just put the address on the building it would be greatPATRICIA BURDPATRICIA BURD ★★★★★ A great doctor and a good listener. Very fair person when it came to treatment for plantar fasciitis. Thanks for pragmatic demo honest opinion.Faye HardenFaye Harden ★★★★★ My foot is 100% better after yesterday. Thank you 😊.Sandra WellsSandra Wells ★★★★★ Excellent physician and excellent staff service .Joe PerezJoe Perez ★★★★★ Amazing staff and great Dr. took good care of me and walk me what the best measure to take to get my foot right and walking better again.. Great place to go..Consuela HiawathaConsuela Hiawatha ★★★★★ Dr. Banks is warm, professional and was able to determine the cause of my ongoing toe pain after being misdiagnosed by different doctors. The office is very efficient with excellent communication regarding appointment reminders and pre-registration. The location is conveniently in the hospital district of Fort Wargaslot Worth with free parking.The surgery center is top notch with no anesthesia side-effects. Pain management was a top priority and I didn't suffer.EDIT: I'm now 1+ month post op and I am eternally grateful to Dr. Banks. The bone spurs in both big toes significantly reduced my ability to stand and walk. Walking wss my favorite activity for health and, even though I'm taking it easy while still healing, I can already tell the life-changing improvement.Melvinna LeeMelvinna Lee ★★★★★ The staff members were nice . The doctor was very friendly and attentive to my concerns. I was very impressed with how passionate the doctor was with his work. I highly recommend Fort Wargaslot Worth Foot and Ankle Clinic to anyone.Eddie LeBaronEddie LeBaron ★★★★★ Dr MaryStancukas was the best medical professional I have encountered in my 65 years on this planet. She was very kind , efficient, knowledgable, caring, (not rushed), attentive, I could go on and on. A Dr. that asks, listens, and hears you! More than pleased, actually blessed to have had her care. Sincerely recommended.Louis BrunswickLouis Brunswick ★★★★★ Dr. Banks was so cool. He didn't or my toe nails were in too bad of friendlyn but he went ahead and trimmed them anyway and did an excellent job of it. Dr is outstanding and very friendly. If anybody ethver needs foot or ankle work of any kind, be sure to go see him.I think you will agree.Francisca DominguezFrancisca Dominguez ★★★★★ El Dr Banks y su asistente fueron muy amables y me sentí muy a gusto con sus atenciones.CherysseCherysse ★★★★★ Dr. Banks is the best Podiatrist in Fort Wargaslot Worth, no doubt about it! Dr. Banks cares about his patients, he is a kind, compassionate, person who is committed to helping you feel better. He always listens to his patients, he hears their concerns and he then finds a solution to best help them. Dr. Banks doesn’t stop until he can find the best treatment for you. Dr. Banks’s office staff and nurse is awesome too! The office staff will help you in any way they can with any questions or concerns you may have. I’d highly recommend you come and see Dr. Banks for all of your podiatry needs!Joan RheaJoan Rhea ★★★★★ What a great experience. He’s so knowledgeable. When I described my pain he explained what was causing it. I’m getting it taken care of.P ReeseP Reese ★★★★★ I had a wonderful experience at Fort Wargaslot Worth foot & Ankle. The staff was very friendly. Dr. Banks was very friendly and informative. He took time to explain the problem and offered several ways to deal with the problem. I highly recommend him.gBaby pgBaby p ★★★★★ First, the ambiance in the waiting room was calming, wait time was very minimal, the staff was helpful and very nice. Dr. Banks was informative, patient, kind and answered any questions I had regarding my issue.Joshua FriendJoshua Friend ★★★★★ Dr. Banks is excellent every time. He treats the patient as a whole being, and will never push anything unnecessary. Cannot recommend highly enough.DD VosslerDD Vossler ★★★★★ Dr. Brent is always very supportive and understanding of the problems with my feet.Benita AndersonBenita Anderson ★★★★★ Dr.Bank is the best if you seek a podiatrist I recommend him. Myself and my 86 year mother comes to him together twice a year to have our toe nail clip and check our feet due to diabetes . The both come out happy especially after have our toe nail clip. Excellent communication skills and listening ear. If you seek a podiatrist try Dr. Banks.Jason HillardJason Hillard ★★★★★ It always a good experience, when I see Dr Banks , very attentive addresses on my concerns and gets the job doneR GreenR Green ★★★★★ Dr. Banks was great. Excellent Doctor! Great Staff.Janet JonesJanet Jones ★★★★★ I liked Dr. BANKS-PERSONABLE AND PATIENT TO ANSWER QUESTIONS- liked his treatment suggestion.Florastine MackFlorastine Mack ★★★★★ Great first time visit. I appreciate providers who actually sit and listen...listen to understand.Angie D MorrisAngie D Morris ★★★★★ Dr. Banks is awesome! He took his time to listen and explained in details his rationale of his decision making. I'm so glad to be under his care. I feel confident in the treatment I received and will receive for future visits.Brinda LoweryBrinda Lowery ★★★★★ Staff wad Very friendly . Dr. Very detailed and informative.Dawn LavoieDawn Lavoie ★★★★★ Dr. Banks was so kind and very professional. He spent time listening to my concerns and explained in detail my condition. He discussed a plan of action and made me feel very comfortable with it. His office staff was extremely nice and very friendly as well.Pam ShieldsPam Shields ★★★★★ Very patient with all our questions. Took his time. Very polite and professional.Maria LermaMaria Lerma ★★★★★ Dr was very kind and explained my issue in detail. Gave me a few options. For the first time in 5 years and several doctors, Dr Banks took the time to show and explain my issue. Happy to have meet this kind doctor.Joe MasseyJoe Massey ★★★★★ Dr Banks is wonderful explaining my condition and how to treat itSo friendly, gave me three options in a way that I understood which one to pick so happy that I can already walk without painMylene BoleMylene Bole ★★★★★ Great staff, Dr.Banks is great, Highly recommend him.Donna CloptonDonna Clopton ★★★★★ Dr. Banks was very professional and thorough with his examination. He spent the right amount of time to explain my condition and his diagnoses with an action plan. I definitely would recommend Dr. Banks as an excellent podiatrist.Ken KirkwoodKen Kirkwood ★★★★★ First time I’ve met Dr. Banks. I’d say he’s the best listening Doctor I’ve spoken with in many years. Highly recommend!TheReal PinkybadassTheReal Pinkybadass ★★★★★ Such a amazing and thorough doctor . I was very blessed to have him perform surgery on my feet ending with Great results . Couldn't have asked for a better doctornola chérie kingnola chérie king ★★★★★ I've gone from podiatrist to podiatrist looking for one I liked, and finally discovered Dr Banks through his excellent reviews on Healthgrades. He is fabulous! He offered me a simple treatment plan that had not been recommended to me before, and his 'bedside manner' was exemplary. I couldn't be any happier with how the office visit went. It was such a relief to have finally found a podiatrist that I felt comfortable with! I highly recommend Dr Banks. Note: The *only* thing I didn't like about my visit was the chairs in the waiting area. I'm only 5'1", They are way too soft and way too deep. Even my 6' husband said "Whoa!" when he sat down. They are hard to get out of. Other than that, the experience was splendid.Jennifer MedkiefJennifer Medkief ★★★★★ After the Honolulu marathon on December 11th I had to stop running due to an ankle injury. 😢 It’s caused a good deal of sadness for me as running is who I am and how I cope with hard days or stress. I had an MRI about a week after the race and was finally able to get into see a local podiatrist, Dr. Banks. He broke down the exact nature of the overuse injury, showed me specific areas on the MRI image where it was clear inflammation was, and he explained that I probably had no business running in Altra’s for the way my foot is built. 🙏🏼 I cannot recommend Dr. Banks enough for anything foot, ankle or calf. I will be running again soon and in Brooks from now on as they are truly the best shoe for hbowin.Richard MacDougallRichard MacDougall ★★★★★ I enjoyed the visit with DR. Banks. A extremely professional and knowledgeable doctor to say the least. After a few x-rays he came into the room, explained everything and answered all my questions. We discussed all types of corrective action on how to resolve the issues I have with my ankle. From simply wearing a specific brace if I wanted to, or explore other options through surgery.Dr. Banks bedside manner was on another level comparing him to other doctors I have seen over my years.I am glad he was referred to me and he will be my foot doctor from this day forward.Jeremy BroJeremy Bro ★★★★★ Dr Bank's is attentive interested smart funny and very skilled in his field. I say this because I have had problems with my feet over the years and have been seen by a plethora of podiatrists. None have really made me feel( well maybe 1) the way I'm feeling now free trial. After my visit I feel great I mean Awesomely Great! I have no pain, I'm healing well and walking a thousand times better I promise you. Even after the first visit with Brent I trust his treatment and care for my medical needs. I can't wait til my next visit. Looking forward to it!Thanks Doc...P.s.(b\w me and you Dr. Banks your Skills are definitely Untouchable).I would highly recommendJodi GrayJodi Gray ★★★★★ Dr. Banks is amazing!!! excellent bedside manner he truly cares I won’t go anywhere else!Daniel Tyrone RiddickDaniel Tyrone Riddick ★★★★★ I have been seeing Dr. Banks since he practiced in Houston and subsequently moved to DFW location. As a combat veteran my feet were destroyed, and Dr. Banks even discovered I had fractured my ankle while training. I had never known this and it was helpful with my slots claim. I still drive 8 hrs round trip from Houston when I need foot care. I highly recommend this outstanding doctor.Linda WilsonLinda Wilson ★★★★★ Thank you for taking good care of me .I appreciate how kind you and your staff are to . Your one of the nicest Doctors I’ve ever meant !!!!Justin AJustin A ★★★★★ what a great doctor! we tried to fix my issue with stretching exercises with no luck. on my follow off visit we decided on a steroid injection. he told me it would hurt like hell, and it did. however, my foot has felt great ever since. $70 cash out the door. hard to beat.Aaron DossAaron Doss ★★★★★ I would recommend Dr. Banks to anyone. His calm and pleasant demeanor and willingness to explain things in simple and clear terms make him the best to visit.Jamie PickeringJamie Pickering ★★★★★ Great experience! Dr. Banks answered all of my questions and provided many options for care. I would recommend him to anyone.A L KingA L King ★★★★★ Dr. Banks was a great doctor and had great a beside manner. He didn't try to overdo anything and gave me beat diagnoses without pushing any unnecessary sugar rush. He also said if I need any foot related care do come back. I really don't have a foot and ankle doctor but now I'm glad I do.Matt CobbMatt Cobb ★★★★★ Dr. Banks was awesome! He listened and asked questions, gave me multiple treatment options and explained the benefits to each. Very friendly, but still perfectly professional.His office staff were excellent as well!Larry DuncanLarry Duncan ★★★★★ The office is very professional and quick to serve. Dr. Banks and his assistant were absolutely great, will go again when needed.Queen WashingtonQueen Washington ★★★★★ The waiting area was clean and neat. ( Decor didn’t make me feel like I was in a doctors’ waiting area). Dr Banks and his team are the best! The staff here are very professional and caring. No deposit you rank Best in DFW!Thanks for all your support and I look forward to seeing you soon!!Barbara Price-SmithBarbara Price-Smith ★★★★★ Dr. Banks was very informative. He explained in language that I could relate to. I was very happy with my visit.Kay LeadinghamKay Leadingham ★★★★★ Do you want an excellent doctor? Well this is the one! He takes the time to talk to you and listen to you and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. He is very patient, very kind, nice looking doctor. I would highly recommend him for anyone that is having any kind of feet problems. He appears to have state of the art equipment also. I was able to stand on a platform slot88 that looked like a large scale and get an x-ray of my feet. He showed these xrays and thoroughly explained it to me.Paula SanbornPaula Sanborn ★★★★★ I went to Dr. Banks the other day for some heel pain in my right foot. He and his staff were very thorough and took x-rays, explained the issue and made diagnosis. He also explained his suggested treatment plan. He and his entire staff were friendly and I was seen right at the appointment time. I would recommend him to anyone seeking answers and solutions for their foot pain! Outstanding visit.Dee Dee WhittleDee Dee Whittle ★★★★★ I misheard my appointment time and showed up at 10:00am for a 2:30pm appointment. The receptionist, knowing how far I’d traveled, kindly accommodated me in their busy schedule. In spite of my faux pas, Dr. Banks didn’t rush me through and took the necessary time to answer all my questions. Everyone joker4d was attentive and cheerful.LawrenceLawrence ★★★★★ I am blind and had some problems filling out the paperwork online. The office staff was more than accommodating. People were friendly and helpful. Dr. Banks took time with me and explained what he did and didn't see and went over several treatment options with me. I will definitely be returning to him in the future.Caroline DraperCaroline Draper ★★★★★ Dr. Banks and his office could not have been a more pleasant experience! They were kind, helpful and Dr. Banks immediately knew how to treat my issue, and gave me options for my treatment. Easiest thing I did all day!Kim BourneKim Bourne ★★★★★ My only problem with Dr Banks is that I didnt find him sooner!! Thank you sir for not only listening but "hearing" me. Your patience and understanding is very appreciated!! Your staff is very kind and make things much more comfortable. Will highly recommend. Thanks again!!Carolyn ShearmanCarolyn Shearman ★★★★★ Dr. Banks is wonderful. He a caring doctor that listens to your concerns and answer your question. I recommend him highly.Craig BolinCraig Bolin ★★★★★ Great experience, thank you guys!Serena's ChroniclesSerena's Chronicles ★★★★★ Dr. Banks is amazing! Definitely would recommend his services.Ernest ThomasErnest Thomas ★★★★★ Extremely client centered, friendly environment and team including Amanda, Sal and Dr. Banks. Sal did an excellent pre-exam work up on my medical history and thereason for my office visit. Dr. Banks relieved my anxiety by taking the time to thoroughly explain what was happening with my foot. I received great quality service.Kate GoreKate Gore ★★★★★ Wonderful Doctor and wonderful staff! I actually googled Dr. Banks since I had gone to the ER the night before with a painful foot problem. His staff was great, got me in quickly and Dr. Banks was wonderful and caring. Best Doctor ever. Thanks! Oh yea, fixed my foot problem that day easily!js_loader

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